What Is Escape?

Escape Ministries is a non-profit dedicated to intervening in the lives of youth who fall through the cracks of society.

We connect youth with opportunities, resources, and Gospel-rooted relationships, empowering all to thrive and discover our worth together.

Creating A Stronger Community

What Sets Us Apart

Seeing Beneath The Surface

We see kids for who they truly are, not for the labels placed on them. 

Accountability & Restoration

We hold students to appropriate standards, and help them work towards solving problems and restoring relationships

Relationship Focused

We work towards mutual, trusting, safe, and lasting relationships throughout our programs.

Gosepl Rooted

Escape is rooted in the Gospel of Jesus, and we work with people from all different beliefs to empower students towards growth, peace, and hope together.


What our partners are saying:

Strong Leadership

Meet Our Directors