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Expanding Our Worlds Together

Connections That Matter


Committing to 1-on-1 meetings once a week for a year, on your schedule and theirs, in a relationship of mutual transformation. Mentor Training is required, and is scheduled by appointment.


Providing ample monthly food boxes for Escape families who have a lot to handle.

Can & Bottle Drive

Returnables can be dropped off in Escape's white trailer in the parking lot west of the building, 24/7. Our youth are hired to return cans at Meijer twice a week, and we can use volunteers to help lead those teams!

Floor Fienz Breakdancing

An independent group meets at Escape Monday and Thursday evenings to practice the art of breakdancing. The Floor Fienz are a favorite at Downtown Holland Street Performers and compete at regional events!

Music Studio

We have some great music technology and instruments in our studio for learning instruments and recording songs, by appointment only. Volunteers needed to help students in their musical journey!