ESCAPE’s Career Connections links youth ages 14-17 with part-time jobs at local organizations for the summer and beyond.

Youth get the opportunity to work hard, earn money,  engage in meaningful relationships,  and develop valuable skills like timeliness, work ethic, communication, teamwork and passion. Youth who finish the program are more connected, more confident, and better equipped to thrive in a productive and meaningful career.

It takes great work sites,  generous donors, committed adult team leaders, and ambitious youth make this program successful and create a better future for all of us. How will you join the movement?


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Join The Movement.

Youth Job Application

Click here to apply as a youth team member for this summer! The program runs mid-June through mid-August, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Adult Team Leader Application

Click here to apply to be an adult team leader. Great team leaders work with passion, love being with teens, and are helpful teachers, ages 21+. 

Hire Youth To Work

Teams include an adult team leader, tools for the job, are insured, and can do many tasks including weeding, mulching, mowing, painting, cleaning, and more.

Work Experience

Sponsor a Summer Job

You can change the course of a students' life by sponsoring a summer job to work at a donated site. $1000 sponsors a youth for the whole summer!

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Career Connections Impact