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Celebrating The Stories of Overcomers

A hero is one who faces obstacles with the most powerful of human forces: perseverance, courage, creativity, and love. 

Every day at Escape, we witness courageous decisions and displays of heroism. Students who have been labeled as “failures” or “troubled youth” defy those odds. They are overcoming family turmoil, addiction, expulsions, court sentences, deceased & incarcerated parents, and yet still somehow hanging on. That’s heroism that doesn’t make the newspapers. 

They don’t give up on school after being told they’re a threat. They dare to trust people and God when their upbringing made that impossible. They get jobs, earn money and start to dream.

We created The Hero In Me to celebrate our most heroic youth and to help our community to see beneath the surface – to peoples’ hearts and stories. It’s an amazing movement.

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