Team Category: Staff

James Sherrill

About James

James is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a speciality in substance abuse and youth. He joined Escape in 2021 to kickstart our Mental Health Initiative, and lowers barriers for youth to talk about hard things. When he’s not at Escape, James does counseling with Wedgwood Christian Services in Grand Rapids, plays music, and spends time with his family.

Kelli Spicer

About Kelli

Kelli joined Escape in 2020 and has been a big part of Career Connections, Sisterhood, and Tutoring. Her favorite things at Escape include long talks in the van, cleaning up, and seeing girls establish new relationships. Outside of Escape, she enjoys cats, cooking, and running! She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Non-profit Administration from Grand Valley State University.

Nate Jones

About Nate

Nate joined Escape in 2020 as a volunteer, and his dedication and passion quickly brought him onto our staff. He is involved in ASAP, Tutoring, Career Connections, and Brotherhood. A graduate of Hope College, he is the go-to staff for help with math. Nate enjoys playing sports, walking to work, and traveling on the weekends!

Malike Brandon

About Malike

Malike has been at Escape in various roles since 2015, in Career Connections, ASAP, and mentoring young men. He is a Flint native who graduated from Holland High School. He loves to fish, do massages, and play basketball.

Jeremias Gaytan

About Jeremias

Jeremias “Jerry” Gaytan joined Escape in 2019 and has been a special part of ASAP and Career Connections. His years of experience working in schools and his big heart make him an important part of our team. He loves to mow lawns, share free stuff with families in need, and pray for kids. Outside of Escape Jeremias is the pastor of Iglesia Pan De Vida in Fennville and a family man to his wife and kids.

Taylor Dolan

About Taylor

Taylor joined Escape in 2019 as an intern from Hope College. She grew a mutual bond with Escape and the kids, and her approachability, consistency, and sensitivity to students’ situations has been very valuable to our team. Outside of Escape, Taylor likes to travel, camp, and hang out with her cats.

Ruben Silvas

About Ruben

Coach Ruben has been training youth in boxing since 2010, and has been a certified boxing coach through USA Boxing since 2013. He helped found Westside Boxing & Fitness, where he continues to impact youth. He keeps an open door for all, and loves spending time with his most dedicated athletes, who then travel to events and Golden Gloves tournaments. When he’s not at Escape, Ruben can be found painting, making pizzas, laughing, and spending time with family.