Programs, for us, are the gateways to meaningful relationships.
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Alternative Suspension Accountability Program: Giving 7th-12th graders to continue in their classes and redirect their lives.


Our Monday night youth group allows kids to hang out casually, and engage meaningfully with their lives, each other, and with God.

The Hero In Me

An annual event celebrating the stories of Escape youth who have overcome incredible obstacles, achieved beyond their circumstances, and become true heroes.


Wednesday after-school crews combine youth's interests and holistic growth, engaging youth in various ways: Music, Fitness, Adventure, Art & more.

Career Connections

Summer jobs help teens earn money, contribute to their community, learn the value of hard work, gain mentoring relationships and career exposure.

Westside Boxing & Fitness

"Breaking down barriers…one punch at time.” West Side trains beginners up to Golden Gloves Champions. All ages, open to the community Mon – Thurs 4pm-7pm.


Escape provides after-school tutoring and tutors for virtual students in 6th-12th grade to help them thrive and build the confidence they need to succeed.


We build creativity and flexibility however we can for youth and their families to thrive and grow - podcast, food boxes, pop can returns, breakdancing, and more!

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We are excited to see our students, volunteers, staff, and community grow towards understanding, togetherness, and thriving.