To inspire, equip and empower children of promise, young adults and their families in at-risk environments, through faith in Jesus Christ, to be tomorrow’s positive leaders in our community.


To intervene in the lives of those who fall between the cracks of existing education, economic, family and religious resources and help them successfully navigate to a positive life experience through meaningful Christian relationships.

Relationships, opportunities, and resources that matter for youth and their families.

What We Do

ASAP (Alternative Suspension Accountability Program) – Students who are suspended and expelled can complete their schoolwork at Escape while working towards peace, restoration, and personal growth. Volunteers are integral in working side-by-side with students.

Career Connections – We partner with local businesses, organizations, and donors to create part-time employment opportunities for 14-17 year old youth in the summer and beyond, extending to internships, workshops, and life learning.

Westside Boxing – Whether training for your first fight, or just for fun, our FREE fitness center is open Monday-Thursday, 4-8 pm and Saturday 11-1 pm.  We help kids “break down the barriers one punch at a time.”  Training is also offered through WestSide Boxing with certified trainers.

Fun ways you can support ESCAPE

April 21, 2020 – Our annual dinner banquet at the Civic Center. More information coming soon.

Our new music studio is now open.

In honor of TJ Wells, who loved music and dance, the TJ Wells Memorial Studio is now open. Do you want to learn to play guitar? Piano? Drums? Or maybe you want to learn about audio production or song writing. We now have the resources to help you! Stop by the office and pick up an application.

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