Executive Director

Job Description 

Status: Full-Time, Exempt 

Position Summary: The Executive director will take a lead role in strategic planning and community strategist who will intentionally work together with donors, local churches, agencies, and other partners to sustain and grow our programs and ministries.  The Executive Director will identify, develop, and grow donor relationships.  developing ministry leaders to reach young people from every people group and growing loving relationships with them will also be a goal of our Executive Director.  The Executive Director will have a heart for the Kingdom of God, a passion for Christ, and all God’s children. The Executive Director will report to the Board of Directors of escape Ministries.  

To apply: Please submit cover letter and resume to applications@escape-out.org

Responsibilities:  The primary responsibilities of the role are as follows:

  1. Organizational Leadership and Strategy
    1. Work collaboratively with the board to cast vision, clarify organizational goals, and determine strategy.
    2. Support the growth of current ministry programs and provide direction and influence on the development of future programming. 
    3. Oversee financial planning and management including leading the annual budgeting process, monitoring cash flow, and fulfilling all financial reporting requirements.
    4. Build a positive culture of Christian faith that attracts quality board members, staff, volunteers, donors, and participants in Escape’s programs.
  2. Donor and Key Stakeholder Development
    1. Oversee annual fund development plan creation and execution.
    2. Investigate and apply for appropriate grants.
    3. Identify and engage new individuals, corporations, churches, schools, and others as future donors, volunteers, and partners.
    4. Retain and further develop existing donor and partner relationships.
    5. Create community awareness of Escape Ministries’ mission and programs by sharing in various setting including frequent public speaking engagements. 
  3. Staff Development
    1. Manage, empower, and develop a talented staff.
    2. Oversee the hiring of future staff as the organization grows.
  4. Ministry Development
    1. Lead the organization in a reflective journey towards equity, diversity, and inclusion at all levels of the organization. 

To apply: Please submit cover letter and resume to applications@escape-out.org