Youth Jobs

At Career Connections, young people ages 14-17 have the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to their community, family, education, and future. By putting your hands to work, you can make sure you don’t waste this summer.
This program runs mid-June through August, Tuesday through Thursday, from 9am-1pm for most teams. You must be available for the entirety of the program.

Need more reasons?

1. Meet new friends: Each individual works with at least one team of 5 youth from around the Holland area and an adult supervisor.  There are hundreds of kids involved in the program.

2. Earn money: Job opportunities are tough to come by when you’re still in school. This is a good way to put some cash in your pocket to help your family or buy that thing you’ve always wanted.

3. Establish a job history: Having a job with a credible reference on your resume is a huge step toward getting an interview and getting hired in the next job(s) you apply for down the road.

4. Keep your free time:  Career Connections runs Tuesday-Thursday, 9am-1pm, for 8, 10, or 12 weeks in the summer. That leaves 4-day weekends every week, plus all afternoon to go to the beach, hang out with friends, work another job, or enjoy summer.

5. Sense of purpose: When you get up the morning and have a job to do, it’s a good feeling. You will be a valuable part of a work team in this program.

6. Learn job skills: Career Connections is committed not only to giving you a “summer job,” but also to teaching you job skills and good work behaviors through classes and reinforcing those practices during your work throughout the summer.

7. Get out: If anyone has ever told you that you need to “get out more,” here’s your chance. It’s easy to spend your summer with people you know in places you are familiar with. With Career Connections, you will get to work in a new environment with new people, learn new skills, and see new places.