Work Sites

There are two ways organizations like you can help. 
1. Be a Financial Sponsor
2. Be a Host Organization/Work Site

Quality organizations with quality work for youth to do are a big part making Career Connections so successful in exposing Holland’s youth to the workforce. We seek to partner with quality work sites whose vision is to provide a work opportunity to community youth and to foster the connections and relationships that keep youth on a good path. We need your help. Here’s how it works:
a) A team of five youth workers plus one adult supervisor can work at a site for anywhere from one (three-day) week to the full 10 weeks in the summer, depending on the work that needs to be done.

b) We also can give you just ONE high-achieving youth for an internship or apprenticeship. If that fits your business and you want to reach out to a young person who needs and deserves and opportunity, let us know, we’d love to make that happen!

c) Michigan Labor Laws do not allow youth to perform jobs that include hazardous chemicals, power tools*, or ladders*, among other regulations.

*16+ year olds may use power-driven lawn mowers & weedwackers, and may also be on ladders no more than 6 feet tall

  • We accept work sites who pay for their teams first ($950 per week), but also “non-paying” work sites can apply an receive a team that is covered by private donations!
  • Escape Career Connections will transport the team to your work site.
  • The work site is primarily responsible for having tasks for the team to do upon their arrival.
  • The work site is responsible to provide whatever tools necessary to perform those tasks (e.g. shovels, cleaning supplies, buckets, etc.)  
  • Our teams cannot perform any work involving power tools, hazardous materials, or unsafe situations. To inquire further about these limitations, contact AJ Westendorp.