Here are two amazing stories about how Escape Ministries was able to help two young men:

1. Nathan is 14 years old and has been in jail five times. His father heard about ESCAPE and came in begging for help saying, “I don’t know what to do anymore.” Nathan had a drug issue that had caused him to be expelled from school. When he first arrived I asked him why he wasn’t smiling, his father said he hadn’t smiled since his mom left him. Nathan has been with us for two months and currently enjoys a beautiful smile. He has been drug-free for the whole time he has been with us and has joined ESCAPE as a member. He will be going camping with us this summer for the first time in his life. Many of our kids come from the same life issues and desperately need your prayers and support.

2. Here is an excerpt from a letter by Steve Grose, President of Holland Board of Education, who wrote to ESCAPE after a reinstatement hearing for “Lex”, a young man who was expelled from school:


You and ESCAPE can be proud of the way you have shaped that young man’s life. It isn’t often that we see kids in reinstatement hearings that show the poise and maturity that Lex showed. I was impressed with how he could state his goals, and he wasn’t willing to sell himself short in terms of what he can do with his life. I’m sure Lex, like all kids, is a work in progress. But the work you have done so far is awesome and if you are having half the impact on other kids that you have had on Lex, those kids and our community will come out as winners. Thanks so much for the work you are doing.

– Steve Grose, President of Holland Board of Education

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